Welcome fellow Community Builder

We are so glad you are here!

Build few, but real relationships & learn more from each other

We have created this group with a simple intention: to provide a kind and caring space where community builders can learn from each other, meet and build relationships.

Why does this matter?

We believe that we live in a highly disconnected world. And we hope by connecting community builders in a caring space, hopefully their jobs will get a tiny bit easier, their impact a tiny bit bigger and the world a tiny bit less lonely.

Please also have a look at our Co-Created Vision and Minimum Viable Community documents and add yourself to the community builders directory below.

What do we focus on?

  • Peer Learning: we share insights, articles and questions with each other.
  • Peer Friendships: we hope you'll walk away meeting some people you become friends with.

How do we do it?

  • Everything is co-created: joining this community comes with an explicit invitation for you to shape this group.
  • Kindness is at the core: there are many online spaces that can feel negative or draining. We aspire to make this a caring, nurturing, positive space.

Guiding Principles

Our Values

  • Relationships: The most valuable thing in this group are the relationships among its members and we hope to create more of those. Its the purpose of this group and relationships matter more than anything else.
  • Co-creation: This group is co-created with and co-owned by everyone in this community. Feedback, ideas and initiatives? Post in the group or get in touch with one of the facilitators below.
  • Kind & Caring: This is a space where we can ask for help without being judged and treat each other kindly, with respect, humility and patience – we're human, mistakes and misunderstandings happen to all of us.

Our Agreements

  • No self promotion: We encourage everyone to share valuable insights and actively invest into this group. Self promotion and selling destroys the collective vibe and we want to avoid it at all cost.
  • Communicate with kindness and respect: Please keep in mind that we’re all humans and everyone is just trying to figure it out ;-) Communicating with patience and kindness will help strengthen the group.
  • Stay focused on Community Building: Please only post content that is relevant for communities / community building / community design.

Join Our Global Directory

Please add yourself to the directory – this will be the main way we get in touch, update you on learning calls, local meetups and anything governance related to the community.

Community Learning Calls

Every First Tuesday of the Month

at 8am PST | 10am CST | 11am EST | 16:00 GMT | 17:00 CET | 19:00 MSK | 23:00 Bangkok

  • May 7th A Conversation with Charles Vogl (Time Adjusted to: 12pm EST | 17:00 GMT | 24:00 Bangkok)
  • June 4th - A Conversation with Casper ter Kuile

Past Calls

Notes and post a recap in this doc.

Facilitation Team

Here is the lovely team of volunteers. If you want to land a helping hand check out this section in the vision document.

Sascha Mombartz

German/Maltese living in New York City
Languages: German, English (minimally Arabic)
Community CanvasOffice for Visuals AffairsPersonal SiteLinkedInCloseKnit
Skills: Design, UX, Startups, Tech, Storytelling, branding, Pitch Decks, Juggling

Fabian Pfortmueller

Swiss, living in New York City
LinkedInPersonal Website

Karin A. Stephan

Swiss/Colombian living in Zurich, Switzerland
Languages: Swiss German, German, English, Spanish, French, Mandarin
Impact Hub ZurichKraftwerkMia EngiadinaLinkedInCloseKnit
Skills: Business Psychology, Ecosystem Building, Startups, Storytelling, Identity Building

Lana Jelenjev

Filipina living in the Netherlands
Learning Experience Designer, Community Alchemist and Impact Strategist
Skills: Making Thinking Visible, Designing for Change, Human-centered Design, e-Learning, Instructional design and Compassionate Communication,

Carlos Saba

Brighton, UK
http://thehappystartupschool.comTwitter: @kungfucarlos
Skills: technology, startup, web development, coaching, hosting, events.

Brooke Rosolino

Living in Texas

Emily Bokar

Living in Anchorage, Alaska
Skills: Digital community organizing, community design, government and social innovation, human-centered design, conscious business, movement building, creating belonging.

Robert Schulze

German living in Berlin
Languages: German, English
Skills: Community Building, Communication, Design, UX, Tech, Storytelling, Branding, Non-violent Communication, Organisation Design, Learning Organisations, Enablement, Facilitation


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Community Learning Calls | Facilitation Team: Carlos, Brooke, Lana

Strategy | Sascha, Brook

Local Meetups | Coming Soon

Get in Touch

Questions, comments, feedback, want to help facilitate? Get in touch with Sascha or any one on the Facilitation Team.

Thank you for making it to the end and have a great day!